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For many people, a Doberman Pincher conjures up images of an intimidating and often ferocious watchdog. But for Anna Vidal, these dogs hold a special place in her heart. Since 2003, this animal lover has acted as a foster “parent” for dozens of sick and neglected Dobermans. After rescuing them from the local kennel or humane society, Anna goes to great lengths to nurse these fragile dogs back to health. Whether it’s cooking a special meal with care or taking them to the dog park to learn how to better interact with people, Anna’s devotion to rehabilitating these creatures speaks volumes about her nurturing nature.

A Great Companion
You might be wondering of all the types of dogs out there, why Dobermans? Perhaps because of their unfair reputation, Anna feels people are not aware how wonderful and loving Dobermans can be. Which is why Anna is not only passionate about rehabilitating and training these dogs, but also about educating potential owners. She enjoys nurturing the relationship between the owner and their dog so the relationship is a positive one.

Creature Comforts
Born and raised in Poland, Anna has always been an animal lover at heart. Growing up on her grandparents’ farm, Anna earned the nickname “dog keeper” from all the strays she would bring home. From the tiniest spider to the largest ox, Anna feels it is her responsibility to protect and care for all creatures. From her work with Dobermans to her prior career as a professional au pair, this local businesswoman enjoys caring for others. But when it comes to taking time for herself, Anna lets spontaneity lead the way. She loves going white water rafting, kayaking or exploring new destinations at her whim.

A Natural Instinct
Given the way Anna cares for her dogs, it’s clear to see how her instinct to nurture comes naturally. Fittingly, as a respected real estate professional, she’s found her calling by nurturing the dreams and goals of her clients to help them succeed. Putting their best interests first, Anna uses her caring technique and insightful market analysis to help people in Northern Virginia make the right decision for their future.

Nurturing Your Success
Whether they’re buying or selling, Anna handles her clients’ needs with great care. She does her research and carefully compiles the pertinent information that’s key to their move. From previewing properties to find a perfect match to marketing homes for greater exposure and ultimately a higher return, Anna puts her heart and soul into ensuring a positive outcome for her clients.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the Northern Virginia area, put your needs and goals the hands of a caring professional like Anna Vidal. With experience and compassion, Anna is Nurturing Your Success in local real estate. Be sure to give her a call before your next move.